Photochemistry and Photon Sciences

Alexander Peschl


"Peschl Consulting" offers the following services in the domain of Photochemistry and Photon Sciences:

  • Photoreactor optimization
    Providing expertise in optimizing the design of gas- and liquid phase reactor systems such as water disinfection reactors, photoreactors, air disinfection modules, ultra pure water systems, odour and VOC destruction reactors and many more.
  • Technical consultancy
    As a pioneer in the application of UV technology, we are innovative for several decades in the industry. Over the years, always created new custom solutions combined with new materials and technologies. Each technology has very specific individual strengths and limitations. We therefore examine the application and assist you with professional transfer in developing new, innovative UV solutions, so that optimal systems created to solve the corresponding task.
  • Design and prototyping
    From the first sketch to 3D structures and from prototype to finished product UV - we offer design service for the ultraviolet application technology. The focus is the choice of suitable radiation sources and their optimized operation to create powerful and energy-efficient solutions. We also specialize in the glass - metal joining technology as well as quartz glass manufacturing and processing.
  • Interdisciplinary consultancy network
    "Peschl Consulting" maintain a global network of experts delivering special scientific expertise worldwide. Irradiance calculations, photon distribution simulation.

Providing consultancy as a service to customers for many years demonstrates how technical advantages can be realized across different industry sectors. Our consulting services consist four main groups with different strength and competences.